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Education is a natural process that takes place in every child. This is the basic understanding that will be given to you by your trainers.


However the education itself is somewhat a different issue with the educators. Montessori guides or directress have very different roles with regular teachers. They observe, they understand each child's development, they manage a classroom with 20-30 children working on different activities with assistance of 2 or 3 colleagues, they become children's best friends, they comfort, they mediate to resolve conflicts, and many more. With so much tasks, a Montessori directress is not a superhero; they are human being with great passion in children's development and world peace.


The total hour of the class is around 600 hours.  


Montessori directress are those who:
  • have prior knowledge about education and human development.

  • understand the application of Montessori theory and philosophy. 

  • plan lesson structure based on child's individual social-cultural background, learning pace, and personal interest.

  • has ability to evaluate child's individual development.

  • design and evaluate age-appropriate curriculum.

  • care for and get involved in community works.

  • show leadership traits.


This is a program for:
  • teachers and parents who are assisting children 1.5-6 years old using Montessori philosophy. 

  • teachers who has prior knowledge from school's in-house trainings. 

  • parents whose children go to Montessori schools. This class will help you to extend what happens in school at home.  

  • those who wish to make difference in childhood field.

  • volunteers and children activists.


  • Graduated from high-school 

  • Commited to education field


Teaching Practice 

This is an important aspect in your learning because you will demonstrate Montessori under supervision and guidance of experienced Montessori teachers. Duration is 100 hours, where you will observe and assist children, and take part in all learning aspects and management in Montessori school. During this teaching practice you are expected to still enrich yourself by books and personal research.

Learning Modules
Montessori Philosophy

is the core of Montessori curriculum. In this module we will discuss the history, methodology, research, and discoveries by Dr. Maria Montessori. 

Child Development

is extreemly important to understand because each phase happens very fast. In this module you will gain knowledge about child's developmental milestones and what happens at each stage. 

Practical Life Exercises

is the foundation area in development of gross and fine motor skills, and at the same time learn to become sociable trrough the study of Social Grace and Courtesy. 

Sensorial Education

it is because a child uses his/her whole five senses during learning. This module is designed to specifically help child in capturing experiences from the environment. 


is absorbed naturally in children. We will learn how to assist them during their sensitive period in the most gentle way. The Montessori way. 


is an abstract subject. But in Montessori mathemtics is done through manipulation of concrete materials using hands before abstraction.

Cultural and Science Studies

are beyond studying geography, zoology, botany, and history. This is where children will start to answer the fundemental questions about life to themselves. 

Curriculum Studies

is a module for planning age-appropriate curriculum for children at different learning settings.


is one of the crucial tasks every Montessori should do. It is vital. Ever wonder how to bring up your classroom management skills? Observation is one of the ways. 

Indonesia's Education Challenges

has been in the spotlight. We will bring this issue in our group discussion and brainstorm how you can contribute in your classroom


Career Development

is an program of teachers leadership development. This session will benefit your teaching career.

Teaching Practice (optional)

can be taken upon finishing all modules. Duration is 100 hours of assisting children in Montessori prepared environment. 

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