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The word COSMIC is  from the word Cosmos, which means the order of the universe. Dr. Maria Montessori used this concept to teach the interconnecteness of elements in the universe. Montessori philosophy will guide a child to answer the basic questions human beings ever ask, "Who am I, where I am from, and Why I am here." Upon answering to these, a child will understand his/her role in this life. Montessori refered this as Cosmic Purpose.

Founded by a highly qualified and experienced group of Montessori practicioners in Jakarta, COSMIC Montessori Intitute is visioned to preserve the Montessori tradition to whomever wish to know, understand and live this beautiful philosophy.

  • Montessori as the core of education.

  • Provide to students with skills in assisting young children.

  • Help teachers to become highly capable with international standard.


Trainers in COSMIC are highly and internationally qualified with 10 years experience, and have taught hundreds of teachers from vast cultural backgrounds and nationalities.

 Jalan Cisadane no.18, 

Cikini Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

021 392 0328

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