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Often time we hear parents impressed with what happen in Montessori classroom. They see children working responsibly and with full concentration, and in harmony with peers and the environment. All this can happen when they are given freedom and space to become independent. 


Montessori at Home is a series of programs designed to help parents in preparing their home and environment. Don't you want to see your child prepare his/her own breakfast and clean up their space after playing?


In Montessori we believe that the primary objective of education is to prepare children to become a member of larger community - schools, neighborhood, nation, and the world. As a human being, a child must be able to show emphaty to others and cooporate for a bigger cause. This aspect is very much recognized in Montessori. And it starts at home. 


You might have a question, why Montessori? Before we answer that, we suggest you browse some beautiful videos on youtube and see how Montessori helps a child to gain focus, self-discipline that comes from within, and independence. Montessori gives children the opportunity to pursue their interest naturally. Because naturally children love learning and working. Our job is to catch that moment and assist them.


Montessori is philosophy. Therefore in this class we will talk about how to see a child as an individual, then turn your house into Montessori prepared environment using what is already there.


Your next question: Should it be Montessori? Well, not really. But so far only Montessori has been scientifically tested. Other approaches are implemented based on theory understanding.


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