Why Do Children Work with the Same Material Over and Over?

October 1, 2015

When first introduced to public the idea of Absorbent Mind became a breakthrough. Never before a child had been seen as a unique individual with so much potential. It became a new milestone in further child development study. 


Now let us take a look at a child’s brain. During childhood we notice that size of his head seems to be proportionately larger compare to the body. It is because the most development happens in the brain. When a child interact with his surrounding using his five senses, every cell in his brain creates neurological connections that form new knowledge. In other words, a child develops his intelligence through manipulating things. He is also able to self-construct knowledge without external extension or us telling him to do so. He effortlessly absorbs impressions, internalises them, and forms mental images. 


Every child is born with inner desire to repeat and master without we as adults making the suggestion to repeat the activity. This is one way to see if a child has learning disability. Repetition is one thing we look for in Montessori classroom which indicate interest, concentration, and a connection between the child and the material, all of which are integral to true learning. Spontaneous repetition takes place when a child spontaneously repeats an activity until it is mastered. It is something magic


al to watch a child repeat an activity, not for particular outcome, but simply for the inner satisfaction gained in the process. This is what makes adults different with children: adult’s work is result-oriented, while a child works to construct himself.


In a Montessori classroom, repetition is an important key to learning. Just like we always learn more when we reread a great book, children absorb and internalise information with greater understanding when they are only exposed to a concept but also experiencing it using all five senses. It is the key to mastery.

Similarly, group concept are repeated annually. As the child mature, he will come to a new level of understanding. For example, a child who mixed primary colours last year may have real insight this year to tertiary colours or learn the shades sequence of a rainbow. If it is an art activity, the child might find a new level of refinement or feel more accomplished.


Repetition is an unstoppable force and happens so naturally that we need to allow it to happen. We must constantly remind ourselves to not storm in and give unnecessary interruption.


<Picture taken from www.lukeandmike.co.uk>



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